About Us

We Believe:

(1) Complete National independence and uncompromising anti-imperialist struggle for attaining it.(2) A thoroughly modern and socialists state.(3) Scientific large-scale production for the economic regeneration of the country.(4) Social ownership and control of both production and distribution.(5) Freedom for the individual in the matter of religious worship.(6) Equal rights for every individual.(7) Linguistic and cultural autonomy for all sections of the Indian Community.(8) Application of the principles of equality and social justice in building up the New Order in Free India.

We Should:

(1) Implement anti-corruption laws strictly. (2) Intensify the Campaign against drug and alcoholic addiction. (3) Equire all Chit Fund scams and introduce more stringent mechanism to curb the mushrooming of chit funds.(4) Stop atrocities against women and ensure gender equality.