PRESS RELEASE : 4th March 2019

Press Release

PRESS RELEASE : 4th March 2019

The Central Committee of All India Forward Bloc met on 2nd and 3rd March 2019 and the Central Secretariat of the party met on 1st March at its headquarters Netaji Bhavan, New Delhi. Com. P.V. Kathiravan, Deputy Chairman of the Party presided over the meeting. The meetings took stock of the current socio-political situation and discussed about its strategy for the ensuing Parliament elections.

Election Campaign of Forward Bloc
The All India Forward Bloc will utilize the ensuing elections to unleash nation-wide campaign on save democracy and secularism, resist corruption and nepotism, resolve the crisis in agriculture and unemployment, and maintain national unity and integrity. The Central Committee of the party evaluated that the current government of the right reactionary forces led by Narendra Modi has destabilized not only our secular democratic foundation but also mounted multi-faceted attack on the working people and the left, democratic and progressive forces of the country. All the Constitutional Institutions such as Election Commission of India, Reserve Bank of India, Central Vigilance Commission and Central Bureau of Investigation, the largest bank SBI etc are come under serious shadow of doubts. Independence of the Judiciary is also being challenged. The party will make use of the election platforms for propagating the above cited issues of campaign.

Oust the BJP Government
The All India Forward Bloc is of the opinion that the main characteristics of the current government are (i) communalism in thoughts, (ii) fascism in vision, (iii) liberalization and crony capitalism in practice, (iv) intolerance in action and (vi) autocracy in administration. Therefore it is the duty of the democracy loving and secular minded people to mobilize their entire might to dethrone this anti-people government. In order to materialize this target, the party will evolve with a strategy to explore the possibility of (i) forging alliance with left parties, (ii) understanding with secular democratic parties, (iii) contest independently to propagate the politics of Forward Bloc and relevance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose (iv) and to take all possible steps to consolidate anti-BJP votes. On the basis of this strategy the state units of the Party are directed to plan their election programme according to the local political situations and circumstances. It will be further scrutinized and finalized by the Central Secretariat of the Party.

Pulwama Attack Must be Investigated.
The Central Committee of AIFB urges upon the government to conduct a comprehensive enquiry on the Pulwama terrorist attack in which more than 40 CRPF personals have lost their lives. The aftermath of Pulwama also caused loss of more than a dozen lives of armed forces and civilians. There are doubts in the minds of the common people about the timing, reported security lapses and the denial of aircrafts to transport the Army etc with regard to the deadly explosion in the Jammu Srinagar highway on 14th February. The AIFB further urges upon the government to refrain from developing a war-like situation in the country by issuing jingoistic statements. The government should take the people of Kashmir into confidence to bring back normalcy in the valley. The soul-less speech of Kashmir is integral part of India will not serve any purpose if it will not corroborate with the action and measures taken by the government and army. The government should not use the terrorism and its counter action for political purpose.

Declare Madurai Airport as Muthuramalinga Thevar Airport
The AIFB Central Committee has reiterated its demand of renaming the Madurai Airport as Muthuramalinga Thevar Airport. It is a long pending demand of the people of Tamilnadu. The central Government has decided in principle to accept this popular demand but no further action has been initiated so far. The All India Forward Bloc and the followers of Netaji had conducted several amass action programme on this demand and recently observed peaceful Madurai Bandh on 20th of February. The people recentment is growing against the callous attitude of the central and stet government on this issue. Therefore the All India Forward Bloc urges upon the government to declare the Madurai Airport as Muthuramalinga Thevar Airport immediately. A delegation of AIFB central leaders will meet the Civil Aviation Minister and other concerned authorities to pursue the matter expeditiously.

PRESS RELEASE : 4th March 2019

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