Press Release : On Chit Fund scam and drama of Dharna

Press Release

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s sitting ‘Dharna’ at Metro Channel, Kolkata is another gameplan to hide TMC-BJP ’s motivated failure to book the culprits involved in the big chit fund scam by companies like Saradha, Rose Valley etc. It was more than 5years back, the Supreme Court ordered the CBI to investigate on the big conspiracy to loot crores of rupees of people’s savings by the aforesaid chit fund companies and to take stringent action against the culprits involved. But the CBI has so far moved very slowly on the investigation on the motivated indulgence of both the Modi Government and the TMC Government, with the clear idea to safeguard the known TMC and Ex-TMC (Presently shifted to BJP) culprit leaders. Now, in view of electoral gains in forthcoming Lok Sabha Election, when the Modi Government started moving in the matter, West Bengal CM reacted violently and started ‘ Dharna’, to divert public attention, although both the governments are having record of murder of democracy and authoritarian rule in their respective areas.
The timings of these developments and ‘Dharna` are also very significant. Within hours of historic massive rally at Brigade Maidan by the Left Front, the West Bengal CM has started the drama of ‘Dharna` with the intention of diverting the public attention and negating the tremendous impact of the Left Front Brigade Rally and people’s protests against the BJP and TMC misrule.
All India Forward Bloc have been protesting all along against the lack of seriousness in the matter of CBI investigation on the gigantic chit fund scam and have been demanding action against the culprits.
We reiterate our demand that the conspiracy of loot of public money be exposed immediately, and the involved culprits be booked, their properties be confiscated and monies looted from the people be returned to them, with interest.

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