AIFB opposes the amendment of trade union act & supports the general strike

Press Release



The All India Forward Bloc strongly opposes the move of the union government to amend the Trade Union Act 1926 and the criteria for TU representation in tripartite meetings.

The AIFB is of the opinion that it is a sinister move by the government to satiate the interests of the capitalist and the corporates in the name of ease of doing business. The rights that the workers are enjoying are hard earned through relentless struggle against the British and Post Independent governments and the exploiters. No government has given any right or benefit to the workers without strike and struggle so far. The unions are mainly doing the collective bargaining and protecting the rights of the workers. On the basis of their strength and demands, they are getting the opportunity to represent in the tripartite meetings. If it has annulled by the government and nominate its puppet unions for the labour conciliation certainly it will go against the interest of the workers. The government’s intention is to destroy the unity of the workers and the trade unions, which is detrimental to the democratic trade union practices.

The All India Forward Bloc urges upon the government to withdraw the proposed amendments to the TU Act 1926 and initiate comprehensive discussion with the official Central Trade Unions, who has genuine unions and worker’s support on this issue and other outstanding issues being raised by the CTUs. The All India Forward Bloc extends its full support to the proposed National general strike on 8th and 9th January 2019. The party appeals to the people of all walks of life to extend their solidarity with the worker’s struggle across the country.


General Secretary

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