Press Release : 17.12.2018

Press Release

PRESS RELEASE : 17th December 2018, Kolkata

“Forward With Netaji, Save India - Change India”

The 18th Party Congress of All India Forward Bloc was successfully held at Asok Ghosh Nagar (Ramlila Maidan), Kolkata from 12th to 16th December 2018. 488 delegates from 22 states and one UT attended the Congress. 72 delegates took part in the discussion on political resolutions and organizational report. The Party Congress has decided to rejuvenate the organizational activities and to streamline its campaign to ‘Rebuild India in Netaji’s Way’. The Party Congress has decided to organize nationwide movement to propagate the political philosophy of Netaji as an alternative and to popularize the slogan of “Forward with Netaji, Save India – Change India”.

The Alternative                                                                                

The Party Congress thoroughly reviewed the current political situation of the country and places on record its grave concern about the state of affairs of the farmers, workers, youth, women, dalit & adivasis, displaced people and the minorities. The ruling clique is destroying the basic principles of the Constitution of India and trying to make a theocratic nation by negating its time-tested secular traditions. The Party Congress recognized that the current Indian political situation demands an alternative platform of left, secular and democratic parties against the RSS controlled BJP. The BJP regime is systematically changing the socio-political character of the nation. In a democracy, the opposition voice has its own importance. But the ruling party is openly declared that there aim is to create an opposition free India. It indicates their apathy towards democracy. The way it is bypassing the Parliament and issuing ordinances on important policy matters shows the autocratic attitude of the BJP. Moreover along with its communal agenda, the ruling BJP is busy in satiating the interests of the corporates and the rich. The Party Congress has reviewed that the need of the hour is that to strengthen independent and joint mass movement against communalism, fascism and corruption. The AIFB will take all possible steps to strengthen such people’s movements. Therefore the All India Forward Bloc, the party of the patriots has decided to leave no stone unturned to wage and strengthen the people’s movement to oust the Modi regime. It has reviewed that the socio-political situations in different states are varies from each other. Therefore a general and uniform approach throughout the country may not be possible for all the states to developing such platforms. Therefore, the party Congress has decided to develop such political platform against fascism, communalism, corruption and all sorts of divisive political tendencies according to the state political situation and characters.

Constitution Amendments

The Party Congress has decided to amend the Party Constitution thoroughly. It was decided to organize a Special National Council Meeting of the Party to discuss and amend the Constitution. The proposed National Council will be organized after the ensuing Lok Sabha election.

Build Up People’s Movement. The Party Congress has decided that when the country’s democracy, secularism, constitutional values, personal liberty etc are at peril, the patriotic and democracy loving people cannot sit idle. Therefore, the All India Forward Bloc has to develop its own mass movement to make awareness about the socio-political and economical dangers confronting the nation. The party has to develop movement on the following points:-

  • Oppose such draconian economic policies and demand to withdraw the decisions of FDI in retail and in defence sectors.
  • Check spiraling prices of all essential commodities, medicines and fuels.
  • Strengthen universal Public Distribution System.
  • Oppose the unbridled privatisation of public sectors. Withdraw all decisions related to the handing over of the PSUs and natural resources to the private sectors.
  • Withdraw all decisions pertaining to Labour laws which dilute the right of labour.
  • Ensure that Government jobs will not be reduced, scrapped or made contractual, and fill up all vacant government jobs and posts without any further delay.
  • Stop privatization, commercialization and communalization of education.
  • Introduce a common school system for all.
  • Minimum Support Price of at least one and half times the cost of production for all crops and ensure that farmers get this cost for their produce.
  • Waive all loans given to farmers, fishermen, artisans.
  • Stop privatisation and commercialisation of health services.
  • Stop election funding by the corporate sector, even in the guise of separate electoral trusts formed by corporate houses.
  • Introduce proportional representation in Assemblies and Parliament.
  • Introduce state funding of election
  • Withdraw Electronic Voting Machines and reintroduce Ballot papers for conducting election.
  • Revive the Women Reservation Bill in the State Legislatures and the Parliament.
  • Stop atrocity against women and children.
  • Stop attack and discrimination on dalits, adivasis, OBCs and minorities.
  • Publicly disclose the names of the big defaulters of public sector banks.
  • Disclose the names of all Indians who have accounts in Swiss Banks and other tax havens without delay. Bring back black money as promised by Narendra Modi.
  • Resist all sorts of imperialist machinations and attack on our sovereignty.
  • Save democracy, save secularism and save Constitution and
  • Forward with Netaji, Save India, Change India.


New Central Committee

The 18th Party Congress of All India Forward Bloc has elected the following Central Committee:-

Central Secretariat

  1. Chairman Com. N. Velappan Nair (Kerala)
  2. Dy. Chairman Com. P.V. Kathiravan (Tamilnadu)
  3. General Secretary Com. Debabrata Biswas (West Bengal)
  4. Secretaries Com. G. Devarajan(Kerala)
  5. Com. Dr.Barun Mukherjee (West Bengal)
  6. Com. Jayanta Roy (West Bengal)
  7. Com. Naren Dey (West Bengal)
  8. Com. Hafiz Alam Sairani (West Bengal)
  9. Com. Bir Singh Mahato (West Bengal)
  10. Com. Shyamal Roy (Tripura)
  11. Com. G.R.Shivashankar (Karnataka)
  12. Com. V.P. Saini (Punjab)
  13. Com. G.H. Fernandes (Maharashtra)
  14. Com. Gobinda Roy (West Bengal)
  15. Finance Secretary : Com. Naren Chatterjee (West Bengal)
  16. Invitee : Com. Jyoti Ranjan Mahapatra (Odisha)
  17. Invitee : Com. Banda Surender Reddy (Telengana)
  18. Invitee : Com. Amresh Kumar (Bihar)

Central Committee Members

  1. Com. S.N. Singh Chouhan (UP)
  2. Com. Harish Gupta (UP)
  3. Com. Rameshwar Chounda (Maharashtra)
  4. Com. Dharmender Kr. Verma (Delhi)
  5. Com. Purna Chandra Padhi (Odisha)
  6. Com. Dharmender Kumar (Bihar)
  7. Com. America Mahato (Bihar)
  8. Com. Arun Mondal (Jharkhand)
  9. Com. D.K. Sharma (Haryana)
  10. Com. V.Rammohan (Kerala)
  11. Com. K.R. Brahmanandan (Kerala)
  12. Com. T. Manoj Kumar (Kerala)
  13. Com. Paresh Sarkar (Tripura)
  14. Com. C.Muthuramalingam (Tamilnadu)
  15. Com. S.Karnan (Tamilnadu)
  16. Com. K. Subburaj (Tamilnadu)
  17. Com. R. Tirupathy (Tamilnadu)
  18. Com. Jiban Saha (West Bengal)
  19. Com. Ganesh Ram (West Bengal)
  20. Com. Haripada Biswas (West Bengal)
  21. Com. Purnima Biswas (West Bengal)
  22. Com. Doli Roy (West Bengal)
  23. Com. Ali Imran Ramz (West Bengal)
  24. Com. Akshay Thakur (West Bengal)
  25. Com. Nishikanta Mehta (West Bengal)
  26. Com. Khomdrom Gyaneshwar Singh (Manipur)
  27. Com. P.V. Sundara Ramaraju (Andhra Pradesh)
  28. Com. Arun Pratap Singh (Madhya Pradesh)
  29. Com. Jagan Yadav (Punjab)
  30. Com. Haren Borgohain (Assam)
  31. Com. Rajkumar Dowarah (Assam)
  32. Com. Mihir Nandi (Assam)
  33. Com. J.J. Singh (Himachal Pradesh)
  34. Com. Amjad Ali Buhroo (J&K)
  35. Com. Manzoor (J&K)
  36. Com. Nagaratna (Karnataka)
  37. Com. Raghav Saran Sharma (AIAKS) (UP)
  38. Com. Mitalee Gupta (AIAMS) (Tamilnadu)
  39. Com. Soumyadip Sarkar (AISB) (West Bengal)
  40. Com. Rajat Das (Social Media) (West Bengal)

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