Alleged Ashes Of Netaji Will Never Be Allowed To Brought In India

Press Release

Press Release

All India Forward Bloc and the follower of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose are deeply shocked and infuriated over the statement of British Labour Party MP Keith Vaz about his offer to help Government of India in bringing back the alleged ashes of Netaji from Japan.

The followers of Netaji have never accepted the air crash story of Netaji's death. Even the Justice Mukherji Commission of enquiry, appointed by the Government of India has rejected the air crash story and refused to accept the ashes lying in the Renkoji Temple, Tokyo as ashes of Netaji.

Hence there is no question of so called Netaji's ashes being allowed to bring back to India.

The view of Ms. Anita Puff Bose also carries no importance for us because neither the views are based on scientific grounds nor on reliable evidence.

The British ruled India for so long through the Indians who helped the British and now the same British Government is trying to prove Netaji's death through the Indians who are based in England. The British Government tried to kill Subhas Chandra Bose when he was in India or so long as his where about anywhere in the world were known. And now the same people are trying to use the people of Indian origin to assassinate Netaji historically

If the Hon'ble Member of Parliament of Labour Party, England Mr. Keith Vaz and others are interested to clarify the mystery surrounding Netaji disappearance, they should pressurise the British Government to declassify all documents related to Netaji's disappearance which are there in England.

We strongly believe that there are so many documents in England which can throw full light on the all the issues related to Netaji's disappearance and whereabouts. It is painfully regretted that the so called well wishers of Netaji in England are conspiring to suppress the truth about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. We would like to remind Mr. Keith that the British had described Neaji as 'an enemy of the empire'. Now, why the Members of British parliament are so keenly interested in bringing back the ashes of Netaji to India, is beyond reasoning and understanding.

We want to make it clear to Mr. Keith other mischief mongers sitting in England and other parts of the world that till it is not scientifically proved and all the evidence related to this issue anywhere in the world is made public we are not going to accept the air crash story of Netaji's death; and the ashes which are not of Netaji, shall never be allowed to bring back to India.

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