Call ‘Forward with Netaji, Save India, Change India’

Press Release

Press Release

The 18th Party Congress of the All India Forward Bloc is going to be organised from 12-16 December, 2018 at Kolkata. The call of the Party Congress will be "Forward with Netaji, Save India-Change India'. To elaborate the idea of "India" that we are aiming at to rebuild through our relentless struggle under the leadership of the working class people, with energetic participation of the progressive intellectuals, we have been all along emphasizing that, that new India must be a "Socialist India" as had been dreamt of by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Right from the end of twenties of the last century, Netaji Subhas started advocating for establishing Socialism in India which he later clarified as Socialism in Indian way under Indian conditions. With this innovative approach towards Socialism, Subhas Chandra emerged as a distinctive personality in the arena of Indian politics and gave his bold and dynamic left leadership to the country to achieve the goal which he uniquely coined as the "socialistic reconstruction" of the country to be initiated immediately after obtaining freedom.

            Subhas Chandra didn't rest only after giving the call for socialistic reconstruction, but he started advocating and elaborating the concrete ways in which the planning and implementation should proceed for solving the age-old fundamental problems' of the country and building a 'New Order' in the society.

            But the whole scenario had changed with Netaji's unprecedented revolutionary move to leave the country for launching a bigger armed struggle from outside with his INA for emancipation of the country. But during his physical absence from the Indian soil, the left forces in India failed to rise unitedly up to the desired level to further Netaji's planned anti-imperialist struggle. The right reactionary nationalist bourgeoisie took advantage of the situation and conspired with the imperialist force to acquire power, at the cost of partition of the country.

            The way in which this 'transfer of power' was effected, the real 'power' was not handed over to the 'people', and the obvious results followed. With the pro-capitalist anti-people policies of the ruling parties, the basic problems and miseries of the majority of the people have not been solved, rather aggravated during the last couple of decades after independence.

            Just Change of Government of BJP to Congress (I) will not solve the problems affecting the country. To change the economic, political and social scenario, to re-establish democratic, secular norms we must consolidate party left and social left to create people's alternative is the only way.

            People of India are now convinced that Narendra Modi 'magic' will not work this time. So Modi is now depending more on 'development'. But what kind of development? Has he succeeded in creating urgently necessary 'employment', which he promised 2 crores per year. It has not yet crossed a few lakhs per year. Will the millions of unemployed youths be happy with Modi's slogan of "Acche Din" or Saccha Bharat". These programmes may be necessary, but 'employment' is more needed. There is no growth of industry or agriculture, as there is no alternative to 'production' to create more and more jobs. In tune with it, exports must grow, but here also Modi government has failed, creating thereby country's economy weaker. His 'make-in-India' slogan has miserably failed.

            Modi is one such Prime Minister who never meets Press-conference. His one-way message "Mon-ki-Bath" has crossed century mark, but he is not interested in getting feed-back from the people. His long tenure of more than 4 years is 'promises' and 'not keeping the promises'. He promised to recover 'black money' and share it to each account-holder @ Rs. 15 lakhs each. But nothing happened after his 'Demonetisation' programme. It simply made a devastating effect on millions of middle-class families and many many small traders.

            Modi's policies are mainly controlled by RSS, resulting in communal violence and hatred for the minorities. But what happened recently is more dangerous, when his government has attacked the human rights activities and middle class intelligentsia, in the name of PM's personal security. The Modi government has given them a new name as 'urban naxals'. This shows only his fascist mindset.

            The political degradation is not only political; it is the planned economic plunder having long history. The cultural aggression with the use of more and more scientific manners can be studied with facts. Our people mostly are innocent, unaware of heinous political tricks. It has become essential to translate political, social and cultural ideologies professed by revolutionaries like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and this is the only way to wage struggle against the system and to reconstruct country of his dream.

Observe 75th Foundation Day of the Provisional Government of Azad Hind and INA on 21st October.

            On 21st October, 2018 programs shall be organised every where in villages, towns, districts head quarters and state capitals. All the sections of society, particularly the students and youth, should be involved in this movement. The programs should be organised in schools, colleges and the universities to make conscious about the history and struggle of Netaji and INA. to the people.

            Our Demand:

            (i)         23rd January (Birthday of Netaji) celebrated as 'Desh Prem Divas'

            (ii)        Build a befitting INA War Memorial at Red Fort, New Delhi.

            (iii)       The portrait of Netaji as Supreme Commander of INA Must be in military,defence officers.

We want Left Unity

            In the backdrop of such political scenario, it is high time for the Left parties to review their policy and outlook for the left unity. They must also realise that the responsibility lies on the Left to unite and rally all the democratic secular forces of the country to achieve a break-through in the 60 years' reign of Congress-BJP or other caste or regionalism-based parties. Leftism in its truest form can lead us towards the founding of the Socialist India.

                        For achieving successful left unity, all the constituent left parties must have the liberty to maintain their own ideological identity and to strengthen their own party-development and mass movement programmes. They would unite together for a common goal with an united action programme. An overall left unity with stronger left constituents will be more effective and meaningful. This was the guiding principle based on which Netaji Subhas called for Left Consolidation in June 1939.



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