Restore Human Rights and Peace in Kashmir before holding Panchayat Elections

Press Release


All India Forward Bloc demands the restoration of Human Rights and Peace in Jammu and Kashmir before holding the elections for Panchayats in the state. Since the declaration of elections for Panchayats the violence has escalated in the state and more people have lost their lives. The experiments of PDP and BJP Government in Kashmir had done more harm to the state than doing anything good of the people. It has widened the rift between 'Jammu and Kashmir' regions, and also between the Hindus and Muslims of J & K. It has disturbed the communal harmony in the state and slowed the pace of progress. For the growth of the state and for the prosperity of the people feeling of brotherhood and peace is the main requirement.

            Let the lives of the innocent people security forces and even the violent youth be not sacrificed for the so called democratic process in the state. Youth of the state needs employment. Hungry and unemployed educated youth, instead of casting votes is likely to pelt stones. Democracy cannot flourish so long as there is starvation, unemployment, corruption and bloodshed in the state. People have lost faith in the honesty of the political leadership. There is a need to prove honesty towards the people and for the prosperity of the state. The growth of the state needs industrialisation and infrastructure, tourism requires peaceful environment, and the peaceful environment will make Kashmir the real Heaven on earth. People do not want just promises and 'Jumlas', they need performance on the ground. Panchayat elections can be delayed but not the peace and prosperity.

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