Build Up People’S Movement Against Price Rise

Press Release


The BJP led NDA government is squeezing the people by allowing the fuel companies to raise the prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas. In order to minimize the fiscal deficit, the government has resorted to a short cut to generate more revenue through fuel duties. It is highly condemnable. The prices of all essential commodities are escalating across the country due to the price hike of fuels. The All India Forward Bloc recognizes the people’s resentment over the price hike and decided to strengthen such people’s movement.

The wrong economic policies and false statistics about economic growth projected by the government are making the lives of the common men more miserable. The workers, farmers, youth, adivasis and even the salaried classes are up in arms against the government. The attack and harassment against the writers, journalists, civil right activists and trade union leaders are amply proves that the government of the day is least tolerant to criticisms, which is against all democratic traditions of the country. The All India Forward Bloc identifies the necessity of larger people’s movement of party left, social left and all other progressive democratic secular forces to save our democracy, sovereignty and secularism. The AIFB is of the opinion that more cordial, transparent and wide-spread discussions are needed for such joint movement, which is lacking in the proposed joint action of 10th September, called by the left parties.

While remain in the part of people’s movement, the All India Forward Bloc calls upon the people from all walks of life to come forward and raise voice against the anti-people policies of the government.

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