AIFB Strongly Condemns The Arrest Of Human Right Activists

Press Release


The All India Forward Bloc strongly condemns the arrests of human right activists across the country.
It was reported that not only the human right activists but also the civil liberties activists, trade union leaders, journalists and their lawyers were arrested arbitrarily and raided their offices and residences. These arrests were made without a shred of evidence. It seems that the government is hell-bent to silence the voices that criticize the deeds of the government. In a democracy everybody has the right to expression and to defend for fundamental rights. But it is a matter of incongruity that the perpetrators of mob lynching and architects behind the murders of Narendra Dhabolkar, MM Kalburgi, Govind Pansare, Gauri Lankesh are moving around freely, the activists who protect the fundamentals of our Constitution are being harassed and arrested.
The All India Forward Bloc urges upon the government to put on hold such revengeful arrests and harassment. The AIFB expresses its solidarity with the people who fight for the rights of the activists.

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