I-Day Speech Of Pm Is A Farce

Press Release

The Independence day speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a farce and far from reality being faced by the nation. He was addressing from historical Red Fort in such a fashion that he is attending a street corner meeting as a part of an election campaign. By doing so he brought down the exalted honour of Red Fort. It was unbecoming of a Prime Minister as all the successive Prime Ministers have held high the glory and historical importance of Red Fort.

The people of India always anxiously wait for the Independence day speech of Prime Ministers as they expect some innovative programmes and solutions for the issues being confronted by the people. But Narendra Modi’s lengthy speech was mere rhetoric and nothing concrete. He used this opportunity to criticize the former UPA governments and put forward some of the points as if India was created only after he became the Prime Minister.

He didn’t addressed the issues of mob lynching, National Register of Citizen in Assam, impact of demonetization, secrecy behind Rafeal Deal, loot by Banks and increasing NPA, crisis of farmers and workers, unemployment, atrocities on women, communal division and attack against minorities and dalits. Though he voiced about Dr .Ambedkar, but kept silence about the attempts to bulldoze the Constitution of India by his own people from Sangh Parivar.

The All India Forward Bloc strongly criticizes the way Narendra Modi spoke and ignored the issues of the real India.

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