Strong Uncompromising Opposition Of Neo-Liberal Policies Are The Hall Mark Of National Opposition Unity

Secretary's Desk

Debabrata Biswas, General Secretary, AIFB

The SanghPariwar and its’ grass root organisations sharply following the old policy of social demarcation based on caste and religion. The worst hit segments of our population are dalits, forest dwellers and labourers of unorganised sectors. These segments have no their spokespersons. They are misguided, directionless and highly depressed. Knowing no way to survive they are bound to suffer economically and socially as well.
Communal fascist policies are accelerated. Attacks on the minorities, dalits, adivasis, women and all other oppressed class have increased. Mob lynching is a very strong weapon in the hands of BJP. Countless incidents of death due to inhuman mob lynching took place during the Modi Raj. One can see the fact that the atrocities and incidents of lynching of dalits and other under privileged class have increased during his four year raj. Planned killings of liberal, secular and democracy loving personalities are continued without break and we lost many big cultural, social personalities along with prominent writers and journalists. Several RTI workers have laid their lives for the sake of truth. The worst thing is the silence of many weeks of our Prime Minister and now it has become clear that the cadres belonging to SanghPariwar and its’ associated organisations do not follow his words. There is a tacit consent between Prime Minister and such unruly cadres have been exposed again and again.
The constitution has provided whatever liberty and rights to our masses are openly violated. The students demanding better quality education with less cost are projected as anti-national. Farmers are divided but extremely agitated throughout the country and farmer agitation is crushed by police force. Any other prominent agitations belonging to schedule tribes are easily marginalised by administrations of the respective states. The safety of children and women in this four years Modi Raj has been challenged again and again and the repetition of rapes indicate that violent and unruly ruling class still remain unchained. The soul of our constitution receives dent again and again and the ruling class bear no responsibility. All the four pillars controlling and bearing the load of democracy are trembling with fear, but the government is busy to project its four years rule as parameter through several advertisements since independence, for example 70 years versus 4 years.
Neo liberal policies meant to safeguard the interest of capitalist class and a class worshiping the imperialist forces by mercilessly looting the precious natural resources and human power of our people. All these things are done without break and any one who comes in the way is crushed or termed as antinational, non-patriotic idiot. Such a dark scene is not seen earlier from many decades and people are debating about undeclared emergency like situation prevailing all around us. Our hands are chained, mouths are forcefully tied to remains silent and we are instructed to clap the finest rule of so-called development based Modi Rule.
Set norms of social harmony during centuries, evolved secular, democratic, humanistic, values during national movement are challenged and damaged a lot. All existing progressive values are attacked. History and culture are saffronised. Unemployment and price rise have sky-rocketed, housing health care and education are going beyond common man’s reach. Corruption has become more rampant as a result people’s opposition to Modi rule is increasing.
To hurt the dignity of our prestigious institutions and universities like JNU, JadhavpurUnivesrity, IIT Madras, Hyderabad University, BHU, AMU, DU, FTII etc. is the trend. A well planned and well conceived programme to marginalise the established glory of above mentioned national and international institutions, this government is paving the way of private parties, corporates to open ambitious institutions and universities with full pomp and show. This country does not need such institutions for example recently launch of JIO institutions. A clear message of costlier, superficial higher education with primary education is going to run on our soil. Education and health will remain no matter of importance for government. A very big market and highly profit yielding machines, we can refer education and health sector and this is the part and parcel of neo-liberal polices. All long cherished values earned during national movement are being lost one by one and we remain mute spectator. This is pattern of democracy in our country.
Our print and electronic media have no guts to publish or show the news related with protests exposing the Prime Minister. For example read the incidents took place on 12 April, 2018 in Chennai. Prime Minister NarendraModi’s plans of impressing the people of Tamil Nadu by holding the 10th edition of the mega biennial event (DefExpo) in the state backfired completely after a sea of black flags and balloons greeted him on his visit. Agitated over Modi government’s delaying Supreme Court’s directions to set up the Cauvery Management Board, hundreds of protestors dressed in black took to streets to express their displeasure. In fact, black flags were hoisted on houses across the state in protest. Such volatile situation prevails in each nook and corner of the country but is suppressed by force, strikes out by media and seems everything okay.
The parliament and other democratic statutory institutions are loosing its importance and we are facing unprecedented loss of citizenship. The health of a democracy can neither be measured by the size of its voter base, nor simply by the peaceful transition of power. Even when elections are not overtly manipulated, electioneering that focuses on identity and caste politics promotes the selection of sub-optimal candidates, without respect to their merit or the substance of their policies.
The key political institutions responsible for executing the functions of democracy and protecting its founding principles of liberty, equality, and justice constitute the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government are at stake.
Modi’s implementation of demonetisation without due consultation with the RBI is one of several recent examples of the weakening of important institutions. The nature of Parliament as a forum for thoughtful debate of issues facing the nation is clearly at risk, reflecting the endemic failure of our election processes, despite our claim to the title of “world’s largest democracy.
If the health of India’s democracy were gauged by the efficacy of its political institutions, it will likely be judged to be in a fragile, and perhaps dismal, state. For example, the most visible of all democratic institutions, the Parliament, has largely lost the faith of the electorate.
Under the ultra rightist Modi Rule the neo liberal policies are intensified at maddening pace. All round loss of resources and numb situation among section of population is worsening the condition badly. Through demonetisation and GST the corporate plunder has further intensified. These are the needs of neo-liberal policies and are being fulfilled by ruining the economic and glorified health of public sector units, public sector banks by promoting private firms and banks, this rule is promoting liberal policies. Whatever may be the place of India among the countries in human index now there is no concern for common man.
The replacement of BJP by the Congress led alliance has no meaning. The problem is something different. Prominent political leaders must express their attitude concerning neo-liberal policies. The crux of the problem facing the nation today lies here. Time has come to forge a broad political and social unity based on Indian-ness, nationalism defined by prominent leaders of national movement including NetajiSubhas Chandra Bose and strong uncompromising opposition of neo-liberal policies are the hall mark of national opposition unity. It means simply the replacement of Modi rule by the combination of regional parties and Congress without the total change of pro-corporate, neo-liberal policies and programme has no meaning. We want a true people’s alternative which NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose’s socialist ideas, policies and programmes can show the way to move. We stand for equity, justice and democracy.

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