Party Foundation Day 22nd June : There is seething volcano ready to erupt

Secretary's Desk

Com. Debabrata Biswas, General Secretary, AIFB

Without any big obstacle the present Modi rule passes through four years and successively adopted and implemented anti-people, anti-poor neo-liberal policies with RSS common agenda. The biggest achievement of his rule is that it has dent deep scars on public’s heart and soul. In the absence of powerful broad public leadership or people’s oriented uprise this rule may justify its’ policies but there is seething volcano ready to erupt.
Our pluralistic representative form of democracy is passing through very typical tests. We are passing through a very difficult moment of history as the devastating trend of imperialist and capitalist forces are grabbing our vast resources and exploiting toiling masses ruthlessly.
There are many instances in Indian politics when price rise of essential commodities have played important role and turned the direction of political developments. Since 2014 the prices of essential commodities are rising continuously, instead of dipping international cost of crude oil people are bound to purchase costlier petroleum products silently and youths are loosing job opportunities with no job generation phenomena. Jobless growth is the reality of today. Instead of providing real financial relief to farmers and weaker section this government seems adamant to provide heavy corporate tax concession mercilessly. Inspite of big youth unrest there is no upheavals on the horizon. But a very dangerous discontent is felt among youths throughout the country and we may assess that a volcano may erupt at any time.
It could not have escaped notice that the ruling class of the day seems fiercely critical of the loot that corporate sharks have engaged in to the brazen jeopardy of the people at large. With the blessings of political heads and infected judiciary such loot is continued without break. To show their face pro-poor they use countless jumlas and superficial impractical approach through ill-conceived neo-liberal policies.
The Government has damaged the most important edifice of our secular democratic multi party system approach. By and large the BJP in its’ four years tenure ignored the earlier approved Parliamentary and Democratic norms. Without caring the federal setup they destroy the planning commission and having no respect to India’s vivid mass-culture. They are trying to impose common civil code. They claim that the BJP is the party of Hindu’s and its’ Hindutva policy is the best option to develop India as a powerful nation. And every time defining Hindutva as counter productive to pseudo secular Congress policies. But in true sense they are neither benefitting vast majority nor providing broad time demanded nationalism by including all sections of the society.
There are countless issues. Farmer’s are committing suicide and the agriculture has become the worst activity in the country. The ruling class is committing moral crime by twisting facts especially historical facts, infusing communal elements in syllabus and curriculum of educational boards, institutions and universities. Sanghpracharak and followers are occupying the top most seats of these institutions and universities. Autonomous characters and big reputation of educational and cultural institutions are loosing shine. In the name of autonomy our prominent universities are ready to sell in private hands and a day is not far away when simple higher education would become a luxury commodity and thus beyond the reach of common people.
By crushing election commission, dignified judiciary system and nullified democratic values the present ruling class has developed a different approach. They are the people who have no respect to their own older family members. How can they use respectful terminology to senior opposition leaders? Countless examples can be given to establish this facts that leader’s of BJP and Sangh are releasing statements or delivering speeches with communal venom. Even they have lost the dignity of electoral competitions and use slang vocabulary. Our Prime Minister is loosing balance or calm of mind during election campaigns and using odd language that does not suit a Prime Minister. Recently his speeches during Karnataka Assembly Elections can be seen as an example.
In this unusual and typical situation what is the option left? The role of Left and Left oriented organisations have become more and more important. We are the followers of great freedom fighter NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose. All the vital problems affecting our youths, students, farmers, labourers, women and the dignity of constitution, democratic institutions etc. remain unaddressed. The havoc of neo-liberal policies is so lethal that the whole Indian society along with natural resources is being squeezed.

1 We firmly oppose such draconian economic policies and demand to withdraw the decisions of FDI in retail and in defence sectors.
2 We boldly oppose the highlighted privatisation of public sectors. Withdraw all decisions related to the handing over of the PSUs to the private sectors.
3 Withdraw all decisions pertaining to Labour laws which dilute the right of labour.
4 Ensure that Government jobs will not be reduced, scrapped or made contractual, and fill up all vacant government jobs and posts without any further delay.
5 Stop privatisation and commercialisation of education.
6 Introduce a common school system for all.
7 Minimum Support Price of at least one and half times the cost of production for all crops and ensure that farmers get this cost for their produce.
8 Waive all loans given to farmers, fishermen, artisans.
9 Stop privatisation and commercialisation of health services.
10 Stop election funding by the corporate sector, even in the guise of separate electoral trusts formed by corporate houses.
11 Revive the Women Reservation Bill in the State Legislatures and the Parliament.
12 Publicly disclose the names of the big defaulters of public sector banks.
13 Disclose the names of all Indians who have accounts in Swiss Banks and other tax havens without delay. Bring back black money as promised by NarendraModi.
History of liberation
We have to retrospect in our rich political social and cultural heritage to garner strength. We have to understand proposed and utilise the Netaji’s vision concerning national movement, reconstruction of India on socialism propagated by him. The typical political situation was created by the rightist and reactionary forces of the Congress party and the outcome was the creation of All India Forward Bloc. In the history of our national movement 22nd June is regarded as a symbolic day of rebellion, as on this date in 1940, the rebel president of Indian National Congress Subhas Chandra Bose founded the All India Forward Bloc to counter the reactionary forces and to strengthen the mass movement to uproot the British imperialism.
NetajiSubhas Chandra Bose had only one dream to liberate motherland from the clutches of imperialist British force and to reconstruct India on socialistic pattern suitable to Indian conditions. In step wise gradation of this tallest leader of our national movement is now the brightest part of that era. In 1938 at Haripura Congress, NetajiSubhas Chandra Bose was elected as president of the Congress, main platform for freedom struggle; in this way he got the opportunity to lead the first line leaders of freedom struggle. At that time the Congress was represented as the combination of different classes, fronts and organizations. Subhas Chandra Bose contributed a lot in the freedom struggle and from the very beginning he concentrated his attention to enrol students and the youths in the main stream of freedom struggle. In the liberation movement Subhas Chandra Bose appeared on national scene as a symbol of youth of India. He inspired the feeling of nationalism and revolutionary ideas among Indian youths of every province. At that time Subhas had developed his serious links with revolutionaries who wanted to achieve freedom through arm struggle. He also came in contact with several such organizations and he tried his best to include all of them in the main stream of the freedom movement. To attain freedom through struggle and revolution he continued his effort recklessly. It was his effort to motivate the congress in all its sessions to set the target of achieving complete freedom through struggle or battle. In 1938 at Haripura Congress, NetajiSubhas Chandra Bose in presidential address presented himself as a symbol of youth power. He took active part to unite the youths, students at the same time he was active in building peasants and workers organization with revolutionary spirit. Labourers and peasants were in very poor economic condition. Along with the struggle for the betterment of life, livelihood and working condition of the peasant and working class, the first target is to achieve political power in a slave nation. The peasants-workers movement could not be a movement other than political one. Both are inseparable. The factory owners, the capitalist class, the kings, the nobles the landlords-feudal all were gaining power by with the help of imperialist force. In a slave nation the struggle against the capitalist, feudal means to liberate the country from foreign domination to gain the political power. With these political concepts in his mind Subhas was eagerly participating in the struggle launched by trade unions and taking active part in national level of farmers organisations. He made all possible contact with leaders of mass front to conduct the freedom struggle in militant way.
After taking the charge of prestigious post of the Congress President his thoughts, ideals and open differences with prominent leaders came to the surface. For him the freedom struggle means the struggle basically between the British imperialism versus our countrymen. At that time the motive, programme and target of leaders was guided by their own class interest. Then many important questions came to light, such as: (a) Who will lead the nation? (b) Compromise/Struggle of Leftist and Rightist. (c) To lead the struggle through compromise or non-compromise.
On many occasion Subhas justified his arguments, ‘Never Compromise with the British Imperialism”, why? If you compromise with the British imperialism you are to compromise with the British administrative system, kings and nobles, landlords and feudalism. That means you are to compromise with the capitalist system. To compromise with the British imperialism means to divide people in the name of caste, religion, language and to follow the policy ‘Divide and Rule’. By compromising we can never achieve ‘PoornaSwaraj’ or complete freedom. For that reason Subhas tried to strengthen the anti-imperialist forces and mention how to strengthen the Left Bloc in 1938. He expressed that the British imperialism was an integral part of the Global imperialism. He recognized clearly, the face of capitalist’s imperialistic face and its leadership. He understood that after the end of World War-II the centre of imperialism will shift. Also faces & leadership, style of functioning of imperialism will change and this change will be very disastrous. Due to all such type dangers he claimed the non-compromise way as the only way and this purpose he alerted and awoke the masses.
The heart and soul of NetajiSubhas Chandra Bose eagerly planning to change the destiny of country after completing his one year tenure as the Congress President he was successful to form a powerful anti-imperialist front by combining the socialists, communists and the leftists within the Congress. After seeing Subhas’s success, the rightists and followers of Gandhi openly started to oppose him. Subhas’s differences with Gandhi, Patel or Nehru were of ideological and not personal. For the second time when Subhas Chandra Bose appeared for the post of the Congress President at Tripuri they challenged his leadership and presented PattabhiSitaramaiya against him. Once again Subhasists, leftists, socialists and communist unity made him victorious and he was elected once again for the post of Congress president. The Gandhiest was defeated and this victory of Subhas was the victory of unity of struggling masses of the country and the victory of class consciousness.
In his analysis Netaji was clear that the Left Unity has become victim to rightist elements led by Gandhi, Patel, Nehru. For him dynamism to propel national movement according to the prevailing situation time has come to launch a new energised political party to combat compromise oriented Congress Party, the rightists, fundamentalists like RSS and the Muslim league and to carry on peasants students, youths, labourers movements to mainstream national politics. Taking all these points and to reconstruct India after liberation on socialistic pattern. It has become necessary to give birth to a new political vision in the name of ‘All India Forward Bloc’ Party.
The Ramgarh anti-imperialist and anti-compromise rally (1940) organised by NetajiSubhas Chandra Bose and Swami SahajanandSaraswati is the golden part of our history. The rightist and reactionary elements within the Congress could not digest such vital movement initiated by Netaji. That setback to political – social process Left us no where. We became victim of imperialist politics in the name of Congress and the political culture received a downward trained.
The path of development taken by India, marked by Processes of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization unleashed since the mid eighties has been showing its results. Estimates from various sources indicate that the gap between the rich and the poor has widened further, besides a disastrous rise in unemployment and more wide spread chronic starvation. We are witnessing an unaware and un-precedent wave of right and communal reactionary forces led NarendraModi. The rise of BJP – SanghParivar to rule the nation has become a big threat to our secular democratic polity and as well as to our reach cultural and social fabric.
Game of divide and rule, party politics based on sharp division on caste & religion, pursuance of neo-liberal policies, several programmes in the name of development to squeez the resources and working class for the foundations of modern political parties these political parties have no internal democratic process within itself. The corporate funding is swallowing the remaining public oriented political attitude. Power hungry political parties are straying away to their principles and convenience based politics are seen every where. For the shake of power sharp vote polarisation is prime. The detrimental politics is damaging the social and cultural harmony as a whole.
To counter the several forms of imperialist policies today the All India Forward Bloc seems to be more and more relevant. During anti-colonial national movement Netaji was the supreme warrior. His uncompromising war with the British imperialism transcended globally and he became the Supreme Commander of all freedom men and women within India and abroad. He surpassed the level of caste, creed, religion, region and other narrow minded party politics. We are the follower of Netaji and have strong faith in his ideology and trying our best to evolve people’s alternative to defeat the present imperialist and corporate friendly politics.

The Forward Bloc stands for:-
(1) Complete National independence and uncompromising anti-imperialist struggle for attaining it.
(2) A thoroughly modern and socialists state.
(3) Scientific large-scale production for the economic regeneration of the country.
(4) Social ownership and control of both production and distribution.
(5) Freedom for the individual in the matter of religious worship.
(6) Equal rights for every individual.
(7) Linguistic and cultural autonomy for all sections of the Indian Community.
(8) Application of the principles of equality and social justice in building up the New Order in Free India.

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