Press Release 20.05.2018

Press Release

Press Release

The Central Secretariat and the Central Committee of the All India Forward Bloc met at Hemanta Basu Bhavan, Kolkata on 18th to 20th May 2018. Com. P.V. Kathiravan, Deputy Chairman of the party presided over the meeting.

The meetings elaborately discussed about current socio-political-economic situation of the country and the issues pertaining to the party organization.

Party Congress

The 18th Party Congress of All India Forward Bloc will be held at Kolkata from 12th to 16th December 2018. The lower conferences of the party will be organized as per the following time-table.

Branch Conferences                      May – June 2018

Local Conferences                          June-July 2018

District Conferences                       Aug-Sept 2018

State Conferences                          Oct-Nov 2018

Party Congress                                December 2018

The Bengal state committee will form a Reception Committee to finalize the detailed schedule of the Party Congress.

Nation-wide Mass Movement

The Central Committee has decided to launch a Nation-wide movement during the period between 15th and 21st June 2018 against:-

  • Anti-people economic policies and allowing 100 FDI in retail trade, defence equipment production.
  • Spiraling prices of all essential commodities, medicines and fuels.
  • The unilateral amendments of Labour laws.
  • Privatization, commercialization and communalization of education and
  • For Minimum Support Price of at least one and half times the costs of production for all crops and ensure that farmers get this cost for their produce.

Withdraw the EVM

The recent revelations about tampering of EVMs are shocking. When there are enough doubts arising about the accuracy of the Electronic Voting Machines, it is the duty of the Election Commission to think loudly about to honour the voice of the political parties as they are the stake holders in this issue. The explanations/Press Release from the ECI on this issue is unfortunately, not convincing. If the people loose their faith on the election procedure, it would be detrimental to the time-tested democratic traditions of our country. The Election Commission instead of challenging the political parties and the technocrats who raises questions about the correctness of EVMs, it should accepts the concerns of the parties and try to erase all doubts and confusions through presentations and convincing arguments. The All India Forward Bloc already written to the Election Commission of India in this regard. The party demands that the EVMs must be replaced with ballot paper system.

Red Fort To Dalmia

The BJP government has signed an agreement with the Dalmia group where by the latter will adopt and maintain the historical Red Fort for a period of five years in lieu of a sum of Rs. 25 Cr. It is a ridiculous move that the union government, which has already spent Rs. 3775 Cr for publicity of the Prime Minister, is unable to maintain the iconic Red Fort and handing over this most historic monument to a cement company. Red Fort is not a mere monument. Red Fort is a symbol of India’s last battle for freedom, where the historic and emotional INA trial was held, which sparked off a new dimension to the freedom struggle. The entire ambience of the Red Fort is filled with the exalted memories of Netaji and heroic INA. Therefore it should not be treated as a simple building, which can earn some revenue for the government. The All India Forward Bloc strongly opposes this decision and urge upon the government to nullify the Memorandum of Understanding in this regard.

The party will stage dharnas, picketing and other forms of protest across the country against this decision.

People’s Alternative

The Central Committee of the Party has directed to the state units of the party to convene their meetings by 15th June 2018 to discuss about the electoral prospects in different states and to make their suggestions about how to make broader left-democratic-secular platform against the BJP in the coming Lok Sabha election 2019. The Central Secretariat of the party will meet in June to finalize the election strategy after getting the reports from the state units.

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