Nobody Is Safe Under Modi Regime

Press Release

Press Release : Nobody Is Safe Under Modi Regime


The incidents of brutal rapes of minor girls in Katua of Jammu & kashimir and Unnao of Uttar Pradesh shows that not only farmer, worker, employee, minorities, dalits but the women and girls are also not safe under the regime of BJP. Though there is no direct involvement of Union government in these incidents but the silent blessings of the Union Ministers, BJP leaders and other leaders of Sangh Parivar are increasingly encouraging these anti-social elements to lacerate the harmony of the society.

Both the incidents are shocking, appalling and horrendous. The most deplorable matter on the Katua incident is that there are Hindu outfits who openly arguing for the culprits and threatening the family members of the victims and even the advocates of the victims. The charge sheet filed by the J&K police reveals that the kidnapping, rape and killing of the 8year old girl of the Bakherwal community at the Rassana area of Kathua was part of a planned, chilling strategy to instill fear and drive the nomadic tribe out of the region. It further reveals the chilling details about how the girl was allegedly kidnapped, drugged, raped inside a place of worship before being killed

The All India Forward Bloc demands that the culprits of this barbaric incident will be punished and the police officer who involved in the incident should be dismissed from the service immediately.

The Unnao minor rape case is also terrible. The UP Police was not ready to arrest the culprits as he was a legislator belongs to the ruling BJP. The police was forced to arrest the criminals only after the direction from the Court. The teen from Unnao, a district around 50 km from Lucknow, has accused the legislator Kuldeep Singh Sengar raped her and threatened her family that they have to face dire consequences if she discloses it to the police. Her father was brutally assaulted by the Police and he died during custody. When all these incidents have happened, the Yogi Aditanath government was sleeping or trying to protect the offenders. It is a matter of shame that a girls tried to immolate herself before the Police Station against the reluctance of the authorities to file a case of rape. While deploring the incident the All India Forward Bloc strongly demands al judicial enquiry on this incident.

Both these incidents and growing atrocities against girls and women across the country proves the hollowness of the slogan of Modi government -‘Beti Bachavo’. Rather the general public is forced to cry ‘Beti Chupavo’ from the criminals who get covert and overt support from the ruling cliques.

The All India Forward Bloc urge upon its lower units to mobilize the public from all walks of life against these atrocities and to expose the Modi Government’s failure to protect the lives and wealth of the common people. The party will organize torch light processions, public meetings, picketing etc across the country.

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