Declare Netaji’S Birthday As ‘Deshprem Divas’

Press Release

The All India Forward Bloc Central Committee reiterated its demand to declare the birthday of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose (23rd January) as ‘Deshprem Divas’. Debabrata Biswas Ex.MP, the General Secretary of the party wrote a letter to Narendra Modi in this regard. In the letter Mr. Biswas wrote that “the life and struggle of the great revolutionary patriotic leader Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose have been inspiring his countrymen for decades together. He is hailed by all his countrymen as a great leader very near and dear to their hearts. His supreme sacrifice and love for his country are rare instances of noble quality that are found in the history of our freedom struggle. Gandhiji himself once paid highest tribute to Subhas by mentioning him as the “Patriot of patriots”. Netaji’s name in modern India stands as a symbol of patriotism and his slogan of “Unity, Faith and Sacrifice” has become more relevant than ever. He preferred a life full of suffering, eleven-time imprisonment in the British jails, highly risky unprecedented ‘great escape’ to continue his anti-imperialist struggle for the cause of the country. But unfortunately, we have failed to honour him properly at the official level in the post independent era.
People of India are therefore demanding since long and urging upon the government of India to officially declare Netaji’s birthday, the 23rd January as the “Deshprem Divas” – the day of patriotism as the birthday of many other distinguished national personalities have been suitably honoured. In fact it was agreed in principle by the Netaji birth centenary celebration committee constituted by the Government of India headed by the Prime Minister in 1996. But no further step has been initiated on this direction so far.
The urgency of such demand is felt more in the context of the present decadent age, when it is absolutely needed to inculcate the spirit of patriotism among our younger generation. We are confident that the example of Netaji’s patriotism and secular values should help us to work unitedly for the eradication of many social evils and to take our country forward in the way our patriots dreamt of, for which they sacrificed their all.
We have made many representations to the government of India and our Members of Parliament have raised this demand several times in the Parliament that to declare the 23rd January as “Desprem Divas”. But the government of India is suspiciously reluctant to accept this people’s demand.
Therefore, I earnestly request you to take immediate steps to declare the Netaji Jayanti as “Deshprem Divas”.
The All India Forward Bloc urges upon its units, mass organizations and people of all walks of life to celebrate the birthday of Netaji as Deshprem Divas.

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