Government of India’s stand on Israel is very submissive

Press Release

The unilateral announcement of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the US government is highly deplorable and against all international conventions and diplomatic ethics. There is no doubt that Jerusalem is a disputed place and it was annexed by Israel through the Six Day War of 1967.
Israel’s forceful sovereignty over Jerusalem has never been recognized internationally and all countries maintained their embassies in Tel Aviv, the present Capital of Israel. Jerusalem is a sacred place for three major monotheistic faiths i.e. Judaism, Islam and Christianity.
It is a fact that the liberation movement of Palestine was being supported by the democracy and freedom loving people all over the globe. This immature announcement of Donald Trump is nothing but a declaration of war against the struggling people of Palestine and an open challenge to the democratic society. This declaration of US government will certainly escalate the tension, which will eventually lead to a war-like situation. The rejection of this announcement by the UN is a welcome step and become a silver line in the darkness.
The government of India’s stand on this vital issue is very much submissive and an attempt to satiate the interest of the US administration. The people of India always stood with people of Palestine and extend all sorts of solidarity in their struggle for survival. India, the largest democracy in the world has a vital role in maintaining neutrality in this region and to ensure the freedom of Palestine and the right of Palestinian people to lead a free, fearless and decent life. Instead of taking measures in this direction, the government of India’s current position on Israel is against the diplomatic traditions of our country.
The All India Forward Bloc calls upon the people of all walks of life to come forward and to raise voice against the US imperialism and their domestic agents.

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