India’s Bleak Performance in Social Indexes.

Current Issue & Our Stand

India being the second largest populous country in the world and the world’s sixth largest economy, we are far behind in the socio-economic indexes generally accepted by the international society. It is a fact that we produce the highest number of doctors, engineers, lawyers, plumbers, carpenters, construction workers, railway workers, policemen etc. in the world. It is also a fact that India is the largest producer of millet, banana, lemon, mango, spice, milk, jute and livestock buffaloes. But if we compare with these statistics with our per capita requirements according to our population, we can see that we have the fewest doctors, policemen, judges etc. and the produces are inadequate to feed our people. A report of World Bank 2017 reveals that on per capita GDP, our position is 124 out of 187 countries.

The survey conducted by the World Bank in the middle of 2017 further reveals that India stands 130 out of 190 countries on the ease of doing business, 155 on starting a new business, 185 on delaying with construction permits, 138 on registration of properties, 172 on paying taxes, 143 on trading across borders, 172 on enforcement of contracts, 136 on resolving insolvency, 142 on exports to GDP and 131 on protecting minority. On quality of life indexes we are at 43 out of 56 countries and on the pollution index we are the most polluted country out of 91. Our child mortality rate ranks us 126 out of 175 and 127 out of 184 on maternal mortality. Even after 70 years of our independence, the percentage of births supervised by skilled attendants we rank 166 out of 192 according to the report published by WHO in 2017.On the global burden of diseases, we rank 154 out of 195, 185 on literacy and 132 on life expectancy at birth. Our R&D expenditure as a percentage of GDP we rank at 41 out of 88 countries and 70 at per capita spending. These reports are exposing our country’s tall claims of ‘sixth biggest economy by GDP’.

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