India is at the Threshold of a Perilous Transition

Current Issue & Our Stand

The 40 month rule of Narendra Modi government pushed the country into severe socio, economic and political crisis. The tall promises made by the BJP leaders during the election campaign are proved as hollow and the top leaders have shamelessly admitted that all these promises were mere ‘Chunavi Jhumlas’. The time-tested secular values of the nation have been destroyed by protecting the perpetrators who incessantly attacks the minorities and dalits on their food, dress and occupation. Right from Md. Aklaq of Dadri to Junaid Khan of Bhallabgarh were lynched on beef eating. The shocking factor is that the government has given employment in NTPC to the murderers of Md. Aklaq. Not only the minorities but the dalits and the adivasis are also being attacked by the fanatic sangh parivar goons on one or other pretexts. It is a fact that the minorities and the dalits are living under severe fear psychosis under the BJP regime.

The sangh parivar is highly intolerant on criticism. The Sangh Parivar forces are depicting the opposition voices are anti-nationals. The Prime Minister and his Cabinet colleagues are issuing statement to ridicule the opposition voices on daily basis. By taking inspiration from these statements, the fanatic people are taking arms in their hands and silencing the opposition words. The cruel murder of M.M. Kalburgi to Gauri Lankesh amply proves that these killings are happening with the covert and overt assistance from the BJP and the people from the government. The writers, media people, intellectuals, artists, academicians are facing serious threat from these anti-national forces.

The Government has no respect to the democratic tradition of our country. It ignores the Parliament and using all immoral tricks to capture the power in different states. Instigating communal riots for communal polarization, using the Governors, horse- trading etc. are the ways and means using the BJP to capture the power. The unilateral amendments of existing laws including labour Acts are the example in this trend.

By taking autocratic decisions with the motive of hidden agenda, the BJP government has pushed the country into serious economic crisis. The demonetization and the unscientific implementation of GST and the ever ending hike of petroleum prices, the bewilderment of Aadhar Card and the virtual non-existence of PDS etc have created severe mess and crisis in the life and livelihood of the common people.
In earlier occasions when BJP came into power, the party was compelled to form coalition governments. Therefore the role of RSS in the governance was minimal. Now the RSS is dictating the government as the BJP has simple majority. The RSS’s apathy towards Indian Parliamentary system, democracy and secularism is well known. If the RSS gets more time to intervene the administration, the very fabrics of our Constitution will be at danger. Therefore the time has come to wage all out campaign against the RSS controlled – BJP led Narendra Modi government. It is the responsibility of all the patriotic and nationalist people to come forward to strengthen such resistance. We have to bring back our democratic –secular-sovereign India. Therefore the unity of all the democratic, secular and progressive forces is the need of the hour. The All India Forward Bloc is committed to strengthen such unity.

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