Rich India Become Most Hunger Nation

Current Issue & Our Stand

India has a unique distinction that on the one side the number multi-billionaires are increasing and on the other the number of poor also increasing. The latest report of Global Hunger Index prepared by the International Food Policy research Institute (IFPRI) reveals that India has a serious hunger problem and ranks 100th out of 119 countries. The astonishing factor in this report is that India is behind in North Korea, Bangaldesh and Iraq. In Asia, only Pakistan (106) and Afghanistan (107) are behind India as China ranks 29, Nepal 72, Myanamar 77, Sri Lanka 84 and Bangladesh ranks 88. The hunger index is being prepared on the basis of under nourishment, child mortality, child wasting and Child stunting. Therefore the said report exposes the real picture of India’s child malnutrition and the hollowness of women and children welfare schemes. Moreover it reveals that more than one fifth of Indian children less than five years of age are weigh too little for their height and over a third are too short for their age on the basis of the study regarding child wasting and stunting. This report is alarming and points to make and implement more comprehensive nutrition focused programmes in the country. The All India Forward Bloc expresses serious concern over this frightening situation and urge upon the government to take serious measures to save the children of the nation and thereby the future of India.

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