Observe Black Day against Demonetization


The demonetization declared by the Prime Minister on 8th Nov.2016 has pushed the country into serious economic crisis and social chaos. The effect of this economic growth down reflected in the manufacturing, agriculture and other labour intensive production centres. More than 2.5 million people have lost their jobs and livelihood. In short, the demonetization has broken the backbone of Indian economy, which is highly cash driven.
The CC of the party has decided to observe Black Day on 8th Nov. 2017, when the announcement of demonetization completes one year. All the lower units of the party are requested to organize protest programmes ie; dharnas, rallies, public meetings, black flag demonstration etc on 8th Nov.2017.
All the Party units are further requested to join the joint action programme of the opposition parties all over India against the demonetization on 8th Nov. 2017.
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