Press Release 25.10.2017

Press Release

Press Release

The Central Committee of All India Forward Bloc met at Hemanta Basu Bhavan, Kolkata on 24th and 25th October 2017. The Central Secretariat of the party also met at the same venue on 23rd October 2017. Com. P.V. Kathiravan (Tamilnadu), Deputy Chairman of the party presided over the meetings. The meetings have reviewed the current socio-political-economic situation of the country and discussed in detail about the organizational matters.

India is at the Threshold of a Perilous Transition

The CC of AIFB reviewed that the 40 month rule of BJP led Modi government has pushed the country into serious socio, economic and political crisis. The time tested values of democracy, secularism, sovereignty and socialism enshrined in the Constitution of India are facing serious challenges from Modi dispensation. The increasing attacks on minorities, dalits and adivasis, the brutal killings of intellectuals and media persons, the autocratic amendments of existing laws including labour Acts, the callous attitude towards agriculture and industrial crisis, increasing unemployment and underemployment, implementing RSS agenda in socio-cultural institutions and constitutional bodies etc are creating serious people’s unrest across the country.

Therefore the AIFB is of the opinion that the time has come to wage all out campaign against the RSS controlled – BJP led Narendra Modi government. It is the responsibility of all the patriotic and nationalist people to come forward to strengthen such resistance. We have to bring back our democratic –secular-sovereign India. Therefore the unity of all the democratic, secular and progressive forces is the need of the hour. The All India Forward Bloc is committed to strengthen such unity.

Nation-wide Mass Action

The CC of AIFB has decided to launch a nation-wide mass action against the anti-people policies of the Modi government during November –December 2017. The disastrous demonetization and the hasty implementation of neo-liberal GST have created grave catastrophe in agriculture, small and medium industries, trade, commerce and services. The ever increasing price hike of fuels, slow down in manufacturing, virtual non-existence of PDS, increasing entry of corporates in agricultural production and marketing, swelling contract labour and outsourcing, job-less and job-loss, the bewilderment on Aadhar Card, enhancing fear psychosis among the minorities, dalits, adivasis and the migrated labours etc are the net result of these anti-people as well as anti-national policies of the Modi government and created severe mess and crisis in the life and livelihood of the common people.

The Party units across the country will organize mass actions such as rallies, dharnas, picketing, padayatras, vehicular campaign etc during this period. The campaign will start on 8th November 2017 by observing the day as ‘Black Day’.

Nation-wide Protest Day on GST

The way the new tax system was introduced amply proves that it is another biggest neo-liberal push in order to satiate the interests of the monopoly producers and wholesalers who controls the market. When 100 days have passed after the implementation of GST, the tall claims of the government have gone to the wind. The new regime was supposed to mean lower taxes; instead it is riddled with the irrationally high rates. The prices of all essential commodities are shooting up, the service charges including rail, air, communication and taxi fare have increased, rates for hotel and restaurant foods have increased manifold due to the hasty implementation of GST. Small Scale Industries, small retail shops, petty service providers, self employers etc have been closed their ventures as they were unable to combat the big organized sectors both domestic and foreign. Several labour intensive industries such as textiles, construction, land developing, agro-based industries are on the verge of closure. The GST will severely affect the existing federal structure and the freedom of the state government to levy, collect and utilize the taxes. After the implementation of GST the states have no power in deciding what tax rates to impose on what commodities and service. The AIFB will organize nation-wide protest programme against the GST on 15th November 2017.

Forward with Netaji, Save India, Change India

The CC of AIFB has reviewed and resolved that when the ruling clique is depicting the opposition voices as ‘anti-national’, the All India Forward Bloc, the party founded by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the revolutionary hero of India has a major role to expose the ‘traitors’ of our freedom movement and to propagate the glorious chapters of patriotic struggle and sacrifices of our liberation movement and its relevance. Along with the socio-economic and political campaign, the party will launch a people’s movement across the country in the month of January 2018 with the slogan of “Forward with Netaji, Save India, Change India”. The party units will organize seminars, audio-video-photo exhibitions, distribution of leaf-lets, campaign in college and university campuses, social media campaign etc during the month.

AIFB gives Clarion Call for Patriotism

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the great revolutionary leader of India is basically a genuine patriot right from his boyhood days. He loved his country, he loved his countrymen. Gandhiji praised him as the ‘Patriot of Patriots’. The All India Forward Bloc has therefore been demanding Netaji’s birthday as the ‘Day of Patriotism’ ( Desh Prem Divas) since long, so that the students of schools-colleges-universities may be inspired by the spirit of patriotism as evidenced in the Netaji’s life and struggle. But unfortunately neither the Congress government at the centre nor the present BJP government at the centre responded to the people’s demand. So there is corruption, there is violence, there is absolutely lack of concern for the welfare of the country among the young generation. Hence we reiterate our demand to declare Netaji’s birthday (23rd January) as the ‘Day of Patriotism’ ( Desh Prem Divas).

Constitute Border Area Development Authority

The CC of AIFB urges upon both the Central and state government to establish a comprehensive Border Area Development Authority to look after the outstanding issues prevailing in the Berubari region and to ensure the developmental activities of the area. Even after the exchange of enclaves between India and Bangladesh about 16 bigha land of India is still within Bangladesh and about 5 bigha land of Bangladesh is with India. The governments have to take immediate measures to exchange these lands and to construct border road in this area to resolve the probems being confronted by the residents of these areas. The Bengal Committee of the party has already submitted memorandum in this regard to the governments.

18th Party Congress of AIFB

The CC of AIFB has decided to start the preparations for the 18th Congress of the Party.

It was decided to scrutinize the membership and to hold the branch, local, zonal, district and state conferences on the basis of the membership. A six member committee has been constituted under the convenership of Com. G. Devarajan to monitor the entire process of Party Congress preparations. The other members of the committee are Dr. Barun Mukherjee, Com. P.V. Kathiravan, Com. Bir Singh Mahato, Com. Hafiz Alam Sairani and Com. Naren Chatterjee.

The 18th Party Congress of All India Forward Bloc will be held at Kolkata from 12th to 16th December 2018.

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