Outrage of “Aachhe Din”

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Outrage of “Aachhe Din” : India’s Rank for the Global Hunger Index went down from 55 to 118.
The number of children sleeping in the empty stomach in the country has increased in the last three years. Increased malnutrition. The number of tiny brown faces that have dried up even without getting eaten, have also increased. The International Food Policy Research Institute (Global Hunger Index) (GHI), published by the International Food Policy Research Institute (GHI), published the results of 119 countries, it has become clear that the real face of this country’s hunger is in appearance. This global study has become clear, outside of the glamour, the absence of the day, the proud promotion of development that is actually hollow. This report was made after a study of more than one issue with children’s malnutrition, growth, infant mortality statistics. According to the report of this time, the children of five years of age in this country are very few, with a weight of one in five people. Every three people have an old age ratio. This situation is not just worrying, the situation is more than serious. The report clearly shows the poor condition of the poor in the era of Modi. This report brought the allegations further. In 2014, India ranked 76 among the countries on the world hunger index 55. In 2016, it came down to 118 in 118 countries. And this year it came down from 119 countries! India’s lowest place among the BRICS countries The war-torn Iraq or many critics of Kim Jong Un’s North Korea, even the nearest neighboring Nepal or Bangladesh, have dropped below India! For India, South-East Asia has been ranked in the bottom row.

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