Month: August 2017

Stop This …


All India Forward Bloc firmly believe that religion is an individual matter and it cannot mix with politics. The Central Committee of All India Forward Bloc express its serious concern of the violence incidence happened in Haryana, where 35 innocent people died, 215 seriously injured and the loss of public […]

National Workshop


While presenting the report on current political situation and the tasks of Forward Bloc in the three days National Workshop at Lohia Academy, Com. G. Devarajan, National Secretary of Forward Bloc stated that the Modi led government of BJP-RSS  is sabotaging the Constitution of India by negating its basic principles. […]

August Kranti Divas

9 August Kranti

9th August – Celebrate August Kranti Divas Our Slogan: – “March with Netaji Save India – Change India” “नेताजी के साथ चलो देश बचाओ – देश बदलो” “নেতাজির সাথে চলো দেশ বাঁচাও – দেশ বদলাও”