Leakage of Aadhar Datas

Current Issue & Our Stand

It is a serious issue that ever since the concept of Aadhar was introduced, the government had been assuring since last seven years that all forms of data stored under Aadhar are safe. But finally, the government also admitted that the Aadhar data has been leaked online and vital information of Aadhar card holders are now available in websites. In a letter written by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has explicitly stated that Aadhar leak is reality and few online searches can reveal tones of Aadhar data, which should have been confidential and put out of public records. The letter says: “There have been instances wherein personal identity or information of residents, including Aadhar number and demographic information and other sensitive personal data such as bank account details etc collected by various Ministries and Department has been reportedly published online and is accessible through an easy online search” This is no doubt a brave admission but what is basically means that a layer of trust has been broken. By binding Aadhar with filing income tax, the security risks related to Aadhar are multiplied, making citizens even more vulnerable.  The amendments passed in the Lok Sabha regarding these issues should be analyzed on the basis of these revelations too. Therefore we can easily state that these amendments are improper, undemocratic and against the spirit of the Constitution

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