Crisis in Darjeeling hill : Dialogue is the remedy

Press Release

The situation in the hilly areas of Darjeeling is alarming. The paradise on earth has become the valley of violent attack and counter attacks. The life and wealth of common people are at danger due to these violence and police-paramilitary actions.

The Forward Bloc is of the firm opinion that it is not the time to analyze the merit and demerit of the issue being raised by some section of the people living in the hill area. It is the time to bring back normalcy in the area. We are of the opinion that the public unrest should not be contained through bullets and intimidations. It is a fact that the ‘Divide and Rule’ policy of the state government and its attempt to destabilize the existing democratic system in Darjeeling are the reasons for the immediate provocation, which leads to the current crisis. Therefore, the government should take immediate steps to re-start the process of dialogue to bring peace and harmony in the entire region.

The BJP is trying to fish from the trouble water. The game for narrow political benefits should not be at the cost of peace in general and with the life and livelihood of common people in particular. The role of BJP leaders and the Central Government is highly suspicious as many of them are extending their support to the miscreants by covert and overt means. The State Government should take adequate measures to re-establish peace and tranquility in the area by democratic means and to re-open all the possibilities of dialogue with all the stakeholders.

PR 19-6-17 ND

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