Three years of Modi rule

Current Issue & Our Stand

The BJP led NDA government at centre has completed three years in power. As it has crossed more than half of its tenure, it is the time to do a postmortem on its policies, programmes, and its impact on the people of India. Tall promises have been made by Narendra Modi during his whirlwind election campaign in 2014. But even after three years in power, all promises made by the Prime Minister are remains as mere promises. The major danger is that this government is predominated by communal offensive and its virtual commitment to implement the imperialist driven globalization and liberalized economic policies. The character of the government is communalism in thoughts, fascism in vision, liberalization in practice, intolerance in actions and autocracy in administration. The government is pursuing and implementing the neo-liberal economic policies thereby denying the workers their hard earned rights. The government is blindly and aggressively implementing the neo-liberal policies and protecting only the interests of the big corporate and MNCs. The government is not only mounting attacks on the rights of the workers but also denying social security benefits to them. While doing so, it is inculcating communal venomous ideas among the people.

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