In the name of Gau Raksha

Current Issue & Our Stand

The BJP and the sangh parivar forces have unleashed a campaign in the name of Gau Rakhsa and targeting the minorities and the Dalits. These communally surcharged people are forgetting about the economic impact due to undeclared ban of meat export, impact on GDP and the farmers’ concerns of cattle wealth.


The ban on cow slaughter is merely not an issue of religious sentiment or communal division. It is a major agrarian issue, which has serious implication on the economy of the peasantry. The demand of banning cow slaughter will severely affect the dairy sector as the farmers will be forced give up this occupation. Animal husbandry accounts for 7.35% of the country’s GDP and 26% of the agrarian GDP.  It is also reported that around 30% of the peasant household income comes from the cattle and cattle products. The sangh parivar forces are not answering the question of what to do with the unproductive cattle?


But instead of addressing these valid questions, the government is silently supporting the communal frenzy and killings openly being orchestrated across the country in the name of Gau-Raksha (Save Cow). The faremers are afraid to move with their cattle from one place to other. They are unable to sell their unproductive animals. The gau rakshaks are attacking the poor peasants when they move with their cattle. The latest incident is that Pehlu Khan, dairy farmer from Haryana who had gone to Alwar, Rajasthan to purchase cattle, was returning home with his cows when he and his family were attacked by the Gau-Rakshaks. All the victims were seriously injured and Pehlu Khan died on 3 April 2017. Pehlu Khan’s murder is one of the series of such killings and assaults by these goons and since Pehlu Khan’s killing several others have been killed or assaulted in Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar and Assam.


While demanding put an end to these communal ferocity and killings of innocent and poor farmers, the All India Forward Bloc is of the firm opinion that the communal propaganda of the RSS can be countered effectively by mobilizing the peasantry on their material interest.

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