Forward Bloc demands judicial enquiry on Jharkhand firings

Press Release

The All India Forward Bloc Central Committee demands an immediate judicial enquiry on the brutal police firing against the agitating tribal people in Chirudih village of Hazaribagh and Ramgarh.
Six people were died in the latest police firing at Hazaribagh on 31st September and two people died at Ramgarh about one month ago. More than hundred people including women and children have been injured in both the firings.
The villagers have been protesting the acquisition of land by NTPC and Inland Power Limited (IPL). The farmers have resisted the acquisition of their land in an agriculturally rich zone, which has three annual crop harvests, employing the villagers throughout the year.
The NTPC started the acquisition without obtaining the approval of the Gram Sabha. According to the new Land Acquisition Act and The Forest Rights Act, 2006, 70% of the villagers should approve any sort of land acquisition for public projects. But in Jharkhand both the Public Sector firms have violated the acts and tried to acquire the fertile land forcefully. It was reported that so far 2500 acres of land has been acquired by NTPC out of proposed 17000 acres.
It is shocking to learn that the Jharkhand government is trying to amend the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act (CTA) and the Santhal Pargana Act (SPT) in order to facilitate the illegal land acquisition.
The All India Forward Bloc while condemning the brutal Police firing against poor farmers and villagers, demands a judicial enquiry on the incidents. The Party urges upon both the Central and State government to give adequate compensation to the families of the deceased and to take care of all medical expenditure to the injured people. The All India Forward Bloc expresses its solidarity with the agitating people of Jharkhand.


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