War is not a Solution

Press Release

The All India Forward Bloc supports the government of India in its all efforts to isolate Pakistan in the International arena by rising Pakistan’s covert and overt role in abetting terrorist groups in Pakistan and PoK. It is now beyond doubt that the Military camp in Uri was attacked by the terrorist with the help of Pakistan. The Indian side has already exhibited the evidences about the role of Pakistan in this dastardly attack in which twenty Indian Army personnel have lost their valuable lives.

Putting pressure to postpone the proposed SAARC summit in Islamabad, reviewing the Most Favoured Nation status of Pakistan and rising the role of Pakistan in nurturing terrorism, in the General Assembly of United Nation are good diplomatic measures to expose and isolate Pakistan.

The Surgical Strike carried out by the Indian Army yesterday has boosted up the morale of Indian soldiers and involves a message that India is not a soft state towards terrorism. The All India forward Bloc is of the opinion that these actions and retaliations should not lead to a war. India is a responsible democratic country but Pakistan is not being controlled by the political leadership. The army has a major role in shaping the diplomatic measures in Pakistan. Both India and Pakistan are Nuclear power nations. Therefore, nobody can predict the casualties in the eventuality of a war. Moreover, people of both the countries are not in favour of military action, they are for peace and harmony.

The All India Forward Bloc urges upon the political leadership of both India and Pakistan to take all possible measure to avoid military escalation in the region.


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