Arun Jaitley must apologize to the people

Press Release

What’s wrong with the Modi Govt? Why they are be fooling the people of India about Netaji’s disappearance? Shame on BJP.
The people of India and our party All India Forward Bloc, founded by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, consistently demanding:
(1) 23rd January, Netaji’s birthday should be announced as “Desh Prem Divas”.
(2) To unreveal the mystry of Netaji’s disappearance: (a) Accept the Mukherjee Commission Report. (b) The Govt. should constitute a high level investigating team under the chairmanship of a sitting Supreme Court Judge and include historians, the expert from the Foreign Service.
Instead of doing so all the top leaders of BJP are forgetting their public commitment. They are publishing the files and documents related to Netaji in a piecemeal basis and that also irrelevant and non important in the matter of his disappearance.All the leaders one after another, trying to establish the so called plane crash theory on 18th August 1945. But under the pressure of the people and the adverse comment cutting across the political line this time also withdrew the comment on this issue. But this is not sufficient they must apologize to the people to prove their sincerity towards Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose announce 23rd January as Desh Prem Divas.

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