Kashmir law & order: Failure of Central and State Governments

Press Release

The ongoing turmoil in Kashmir valley is due to the callous attitude of the central and state governments. The central government is trying to bring peace through military without taking the people of Kashmir into confidence. The state government is using Police as a repressivemeasure and ignoring the basic demands of the people.
It is facts that there are external forces trying their level best disturb the valley and trying to fish from troubled water. The intelligent and other agencies of the government should keep strict vigil in preventing such interferences. The state government has to give more importance to the well-beings of the people. The issues of unemployment, price rise, scarcity of infrastructural facilities such as electricity, transport, water, hospitals, schools and colleges etc should be addressed with concrete plan and programme. Concerted and fruitful efforts should be taken to bring back the misguided people to the main stream of the society through tangible
plans. The AIFB is of the opinion that the media should refrain themselves from glorifying the separatist movements and leaders.
The All India Forward Bloc extends its support to the democracy loving people of Jammu and Kashmir for their efforts to bring back normalcy in the valley and to solve the crisis through democratic means.
The government should convene an all party- meeting to chalk out confidence building measures to resolve the current crisis.

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