President : P.D. Paliwal (1984)

Past Leaders

Prem Dutta Paliwal
President (1984)
A short introduction:

Com. Prem Dutt Paliwal was born at Western Uttar Pradesh in July 1919. His father was Shri Narayan Dutt Paliwal and mother was Smt. Tulsa Devi. P.D. Paliwal was the grandson of Shri  Sri Krishna Dutt Paliwal, the first Finance Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Sri Krishna Dutta Paliwal was Member of  Central Legislative Assembly in 1928-29. Com. P.D. Paliwal joined the freedom movement since his childhood. He was arrested several time and detained in different Jails. He came to contact with several national leaders when he was in Chunnar Jail and Mirzapur Jail. The British Police brutally assaulted him in 1940. Com. Paliwal joined the All India forward Bloc when Netaji floated the Party. Com. Paliwal became the Chairman of All India Forward Bloc in 1984 after the death of Com. Mukkaiha Thevar. He continued in the same post till 1991. He was editor of number of periodicals and magezines. His ‘Sainik’ was well circulated Hindi weekly from Agra. Com. P.D.Paliwal died on 23rd July 1991.

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