General Secretary : Chitta Basu (1979)

Past Leaders

 Chitta Basu
General Secretary (1979)
A short introduction:

Chitta Basu was born on 25th Dec, 1925 at Khulna, Bangladesh. After graduating in Arts in 1947 from Daulatpur College in Khulna, presently in Bangladesh, Chitta Basu shifted to Calcutta in 1947 for his post-graduate studies in the Calcutta University. Chitta Basu former General Secretary of the All India Forward Bloc and a veteran Parliamentarian led the toiling masses of the country towards socialism during over 50 years of his selfless political life and he was, in true sense, the vanguard of anti-imperialist struggle and leader of toiling masses. He started his political career right from his school days in early forties of the last century and was inspired by the political philosophy and revolutionary ideology of Netaji Subhas Ch. Bose, the Founder President of All India Forward Bloc. Netaji Subhas Chandra had two primary objectives _ firstly, to achieve freedom through uncompromising struggle against British Imperialism, and secondly, to establish Socialism in the country. Chitta Basu deeply identified himself with both these objectives and carried out ceaseless struggle throughout his life to achieve them. Chitta Basu, a bachelor and party whole-timer spending all the years of his political life in party-offices, was used to a very plain and simple life style and was respected by all as a political saint. Immediately after his arrival at Calcutta in 1947, Chitta Basu became so closely associated with student movement that he had to discontinue his regular MA classes. [He, of course, after a long gap, did his MA of the Calcutta University, as a private candidate in 1973] He became, in 1948, the General Secretary of the All India Progressive Students Bloc, and eventually acquired the position of the General Secretary of All India Youth League in 1950. Gradually he rose to higher positions in the Party and finally, in 1979, was elected the General Secretary of the All India Forward Bloc. This position he held till he breathed last on 5th October 1997 while traveling in a train for Calcutta after delivering a public speech at Patna. Chitta Basu had a distinctive parliamentary career, which began with his being elected an MLA from Barasat (West Bengal) in 1957. He was elected a member of the Rajya Sabha in 1966 and a member of the Lok Sabha from Barasat Parliamentary Constituency (West Bengal) in 1977. In fact, he was a member of Lok Sabha for five terms, being elected in 1977, 1980, 1989, 1991 and 1996 and was twice elected to Rajya Sabha. He was honoured by the President of India with the ‘best citizen award for 1996’.
His parliamentary performance was ably complemented by his continuous participation in left-democratic movements. He was an eloquent speaker as well as a prolific writer, a devoted theoretician as well as an ardent party teacher, widely traveled left leader at home and abroad. His 50 years of struggle along with workers and peasants, youths and students, and people at large, elevated him to an accredited position among the national left leadership. As a firm believer in scientific socialism, he gave us the slogan ___ ‘Build up a new party in the new time’.

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