President : Hemanta Kr. Basu (1958)

Past Leaders

Hemanta Kumar Basu
President (1958)
A short introduction:

Hemanta Kumar Basu was born on 5 October 1895 at 3/1, Nandaram Sen Street in North Calcutta. His parents were Purna Chandra Basu and Annadasundari. In 1902 Hemanta Kumar went to study at Calcutta Aryan School. In 1905 a movement started all over Bengal challenging the British design to partition Bengal. It was this movement that sowed in Hemanta Kumar’s mind the seed of patriotism, fostered an iron will to oppose the British. A mere boy of eleven, Hemanta Kumar became a member of Anushilan Samity. In 1924 joined the Swarajya party of Chitta Ranjan Das. From 1927 he was seen working as a close associate of Subhas Chandra. He became an Adjutant to the huge volunteer corps which Subhas Chandra organised in 1928 in connection with the Congress session in Calcutta. He appeared as a close follower of Subhas Chandra at the Haripura Congress in 1938 and at the Tripuri Congress in 1939. He stood by Subhas Chandra when, in the same year, Subhas Chandra announced the formation of the Forward Bloc. He was one of the leaders organizing the movement for the removal of the Holwell Monument. When, in the context of Subhas Chandra’s disappearance from the country, the British administration swooped down on the people whom they suspected to be connected with the incident, Hemanta Kumar was the first person to be arrested. In 1955 the Indian National Congress adopted socialism as its policy. Then leaders like Sheel BhadraYagee and Mohan Singh proposed that as the Congress had become a socialist party, the Forward Bloc should to merge with it. Singh and Yajee, without consulting the Central Committee nor the party membership, declared the unification of the Forward Bloc with the Congress. Many sections of the party disagreed with this move, and a Central Committee meeting was held in Nagpur May 11-15, 1955. The Central Committee decided to expel Singh and Yajee. Hemanta Kumar Bose was elected as the new chairman and R.K. Haldulkar as general secretary.

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