General Secretary : R.K.Haldulkar (1958)

Past Leaders

R. K. Haldulkar
General Secretary (1955)
A short introduction:

In 1955 the Indian National Congress adopted socialism as its policy. Then leaders like Sheelbhadra Yajee and General Mohan Singh proposed that as the Congress had become a socialist party, the Forward Bloc should merge with it. Singh and Yajee, neither consulting the Central Committee nor the party membership, declared the unification of the Forward Bloc with the Congress. Many sections of the party disagreed with this move, and a Central Committee meeting was held in Nagpur May 9-11, 1955. The Central Committee decided to expel Singh and Yajee. Hemanta Kumar Bose was elected as the new chairman and R.K. Haldulkar as general secretary. This team continued in their posts until Bose’s murder in 1971. U. Muthuramalingam Thevar from Tamil Nadu was elected as vice chairman of the party in 1955.
Following the 1955 split the party enjoyed a relatively long period without any major splits.

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