General Secretary : G.S. Dhilan (1952)

Past Leaders

 Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon
General Secretary (1952)
A short introduction:

Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon was born at Algon on 18 March 1914. His father and mother were descendants of the Dhillon and Dhariwal Sikh Jat clans, respectively. He was the fourth child of his parents. His childhood name was Bakshi. His father was Sardar Takhar Singh and was employed in 8th King George’s Own light cavalry. He was promoted to post of Veterinary surgeon. Gurbaksh Singh was born when Takhar Singh was posted at Ferozepur. Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon popularly known as Col. G.S. Dhillon, was an officer in the Indian National Army who was charged with “waging war against His Majesty the King Emperor”. Along with Gen. Shah Nawaz Khan and Col. Prem Kumar Sahgal, he was tried by the British at the end of World War II in the INA trials that began on November 5, 1945 at Red Fort. Dhillon also played an important role in the Indian independence negotiations.
Dhillon met Subhas Chandra Bose on October 15, 1944 at his residence in Rangoon. He again met him on October 26, 1944 after which Dhillon was made Brigade Commander of the Nehru Brigade. Towards the end of 1943, “The Nehru” Brigade  was put under the First Division. It moved to Burma in early 1944 and arrived at Mandalay. The Nehru Brigade was deployed in the Myingyan area with the object of defending it against enemy attack, which appeared imminent consequent on their withdrawal from Imphal. In the middle of December 1944, the Japanese Army Commander General S. Katamura visited The Nehru Brigade along with the general came Col. I. Fujiwara, the greatest supporter of the INA and one of the originators of the idea among the Japanese. Dhillon was advised to expect the worst so that there was no disappointment later.
The historical trial of Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon, Prem Kumar Sahgal and Shah Nawaz Khan at the Red Fort began on November 5, 1945 by a General Court Martial for the charge of waging war against the King. When the trial began a mass demonstration was going on outside the Red Fort. People gave voice to their resentment on the trials by shouting:
Lal Qile se aaee awaz, Sahgal Dhillon Shah Nawaz,
Teenon ki ho umar daraz (Meaning – Sahgal, Dhillon Shah Nawaz, comes the voice from the Red Fort. May the trio live long). Later G.S. Dhilon was elected General Secretary All India Forward Bloc in 1952 at the Puri Conference.

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