President : Sardar Sardul Singh Kaveesher (1947)

Past Leaders

Sardar Sardul Singh Caveeshar
President (1947)
A short introduction:

Sardar Shardul Singh Caveesher more popularly known as Sardar Caveeshar, political newspaper editor, journalist and a distinguished author was born at Amritsar in 1886. He studied up-to M.A. level but left it without obtaining the degree as he got involved with the Sikh movement for getting the Gurudwaras liberated from Mahants and the national movement for getting India liberated from the British Yoke fervidly.
In the year 1913-14 he launched an English Journal “Sikh Review” and came into prominence over the question of the restoration of wall of Gurudwara Rikab Ganj which the government had demolished for the purpose of building New Delhi. He resented this step very much and organized agitation which was suspended due to the outbreak of world war-I. After the world war over Sardar Caveeshar was the first leader to resume the agitation. The government banned his paper “Sikh Review” and externed him from Delhi. This incident made him to move to Lahore where he launched a weekly paper titled as “New Herald” in English and its Punjabi version was titled “Sangat”. In 1919 for his opposition to Rowlatt Bill he was interned for some time. Subsequently he founded the central Sikh League and was elected its first General Secretary. He also became the Secretary of the Publicity Sub-Committee of S.G.P.C. (1920) and of the Punjab Provincial Congress Committee (1920).
In the year 1921, he again resumed the agitation for the building of the wall of Gurudwara Rikab Ganj. People thronged around him in great numbers to do or die. However, agitation was not rolled on as the government got the said wall built. From 13 to 21st March 1921, he published fire brand articles in “Akali” pertaining to massacre of reformist sikhs at Nanakana Sahib; for this act he was arrested on 27 May, 1921 charged with sedition and sentenced to 5 year imprisonment.
In 1927, he was elected as member of the working committee of the Indian National Congress. During 1931-33 (Civil Disobedience Movement) he remained the acting President of the Indian National Congress.
Sardar Caveeshar was opposed to the idea of accepting office under the Act of 1935 and when the Congress party decided otherwise he resigned from the Congress party in March 1937, later he joined Forward Bloc formed by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose on May 3 1939. When Subhas Chandra Bose suddenly disappeared in 1941, Sardar Caveeshar was elected the President of the Forward Bloc(1941). He was again detained for four years under Defence of India Act. He presided over the AIFB Conference held at Arrah (Bihar) in January 1947. He resigned from the Presidentship of the party in 1948. He died on 26 March, 1963.
Apart from being an active politician S. Caveeshar was prolific and forceful writer. He edited English and Punjabi Journals and wrote numerous pamphlets and books. It is a matter of rare honour and pride that his works have been referred to by writers of the caliber of W.H.McLeof. He will be remembered by all for all times to come in the field of patriotism, writing and Journalism.

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