16th Party Congress

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The 16th Party Congress of All India Forward Bloc was concluded successfully at Shankar Dutt Manch, Kamal Guha Nagar (Mahajati Sadan), Kolkata. The five-day Congress elaborately discussed the current socio, economic and political issues and chalked out the course of mass action for the coming days. 971 delegates and 103 observers from 22 states participated in the 5 days conference begins on 17th December 2009. A 68 member Central Committee including 15 Secretariat Members and 110 council members also elected unanimously in the 16th Party Congress.


The following decisions were taken as a part of party’s campaign on Netaji.
  • NETAJI BHAVAN :The All India Forward Bloc urges upon the Central Government to set up Netaji Bhavan in all state headquarters as Gandhi Bhavan and Nehru Bhavan. The All India Forward Bloc will also set up Netaji Bhavan in all states through Neaji Subhas Foundation. Further this Congress urges upon the Government to declare 23rd January, Netaji’s Birthday as ‘Desh Prem Divas’ and rename the Andaman & Nicobar Islands as ‘Shaheed & Swaraj’ as declared by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.We appeal to the people that “patriot of patriot” Netaji’s Birthday to observe as ‘Desh Prem Diwas’.
  • SUBHAS SCHOOL : The All India Forward Bloc will set up a permanent Subhas School of Thought to train the party cadres about how to build up the party and how to organise people’s movement for establishing Netaji’s India. The party will train at least 1% of its cadres in the coming year through this school.
  • INCLUDE NETAJI IN SYLLABUS: The All India Forward Bloc urges upon the Central and State governments to include the life history and the contributions of Netaji in the syllabus from KG to PG. The students should learn patriotism and nationalism from the life history of Netaji.
  • REJECT ATR, ACCEPT MUKHERJEE COMMISSION REPORT : The All India Forward Bloc urges upon the government to withdraw in Action Taken Report on Justice Mukherjee Commission Report and accept the report in Toto. The All India Forward Bloc will launch a nation-wide movement to pressurize the government on this issue.



  • MAOIST SHOULD SURRENDER THE ARMS: The 16th Party Congress of All India Forward Bloc urges upon the extreme leftists activists to surrender their arms and to come forward for discussion with the concern governments. The killings of innocent farmers, adivasis and even animals and birds raised by the Maoists can solve only through democratic means. The activities of violence will strengthen the reactionary forces and the adivasis and the other vulnerable sectors will be victimized further.
  • LAND ACQUISITION POLICY: The All India Forward Bloc demands that the government should acquire adequate land for developmental purposes without any controversy. No forceful acquisition of land should not be done at any level. The Private capitalists and Companies should not be allowed to acquire the land for setting up any projects.
  • WHITE PAPER ON REHABILITATION: The All India Forward Bloc urges upon the government to publish a white paper on the present situation of the displaced people on developmental projects. The government should publish the social audit report about the project before commencing the work. The government should take the local people in to confidence before finalizing the projects.
  • ANOMALIES IN NREGA : The government should take immediate measures to address the anomalies prevailing in the process of implementation of NREGA at rural level. Large scale corruption and nepotism are reported from all the states while implementing the scheme. If this trend continues the whole spirit of the scheme will be jeopardised.
  • RESERVATION FOR MINORITIES : Even after sixty two years of our independence, the plight of Muslim minority in our country is very pathetic. The Sachar Committee report has opened the eyes of the political parties and the ruling classes. They are being deprived from all human development programme. Their conditions in socio-economic and educational sector are inferior to others. The piecemeal programme announced by the governments will not solve the problems being confronted by the minorities. There must be proper initiatives with statutory backing necessary to extend social justice to the minorities. Therefore the All India Forward Bloc demands reservation for minorities in education and employment.
  • FREE COMPULSORY EDUCATION: The All India Forward Bloc will launch a nation-wide movement for free, compulsory and quality education for all.
  • LEFT UNITY : The 16th Party of All India Forward unanimously decided to strengthen the left unity all over India. The party is of the opinion that the left front committees should be formed in all the states to carry forward the programme of the left parties against imperialism, capitalism and communalism and to build up people alternative. The left parties can only make the real people’s alternative against the Congress(I) and the BJP. The All India Forward Bloc is committed to make such left unity and people’s alternative.
  • NO DIVISION OF BENGAL: The 16th Congress of All India Forward Bloc unanimously decided that the party will not allow further division of West Bengal. The party will observe ‘Raksha Bandhan Day’ on 24th August 2010 against the nefarious activities of the separatists’ forces.
  • COPENHAGEN OUTCOME DISAPPOINTS DEVELOPING COUNTRIES : The International summit on global warming held at Copenhagen has ended with a outcome that has disappointed millions of people of the world, particularly of the developing countries. Although the BASIC bloc countries viz. Brazil, South Africa, India, China took joint initiative to urge upon all the participating countries to agree to statutory emission cut norms to save the mankind from imminent dangers of climate change and global warming, the leading developed countries like US, UK, other EU countries, Japan and others have not responded to the humanitarian appeal. India’s Environment Minister unilaterally declared India’s plan to cut emissions 20% – 25% but that has not been reciprocated by countries like US. India failed to react adequately to such break of promises which have diluted the position of developing countries. Moreover, the US and other developed countries have undermined the Kyoto protocol. They have not even agreed to make necessary financial contributions and transfer of technology for combating for combating climate change effects. In such a situation, India has also failed to counter escapist attitude of the world imperialist leader – the US resultant effect is great disappointment for the people who are apprehending serious dangers out of global warming in the years to come. It’s therefore high time for the peace-loving people of the world to unite together to force high time countries to come to a deal for compulsory statutory emission cuts to share the financial and technological responsibility for it.
  • INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY: The All India Forward Bloc always stands along with the struggling people all over the world. The party expresses its solidarity with the people of Palestine for their liberation, the fight of Cuba for their dignity and sovereignty, the people’s struggle for democracy restoration in Myanmar, the brave resistance of Korean people against the US designs to subjugate them, the people’s war against palace and feudalism in Nepal, the democratic struggle of the Bhutanese people, the Iraqi people’s upraise against USA, the people’s movement towards socialism in Caribbean and Latin American countries, the peace loving people’s movement for democracy and development in Pakistan and Bangladesh, the struggle for rehabilitation of Tamil people in Sri Lanka after crushing the LTTE, and expresses its sympathy to the people all over the world fighting for democracy, human rights and freedom.