15th Party Congress

The 15th Party Congress was held at Dhanbad, Jharkhand from 16th to 20th December 2005. The Party Congress articulated two main points

(I)  A thesis on some socio-political Factors relating to construction of party.

  • To capture power, by any means and by any word, is the essence of Politics, as perhaps – may be defined by Shakespeare, in his Macbeth or Julius Caesar. The consequences of this capture, and remain the thereto, is an introduction to further capture of power and retail it, and then procure, power and more power and more more power synonymous to the cry in her dream of Karl Marx’s heroine.
  • What are the uncertainties for which the left political parties, more precisely, the parties who do believe in revolution for a complete change in state structure, through the overthrow of present political system, are quacked? It is perhaps for the imminent truth, to be proved more definitely within next few years that, Revolution, as we have experienced in history and as we still visualize, is next to impossible.
  • The left forces are prominently visible today only in three to four states of India, out of 26. It will be highly irrational, at this stage, to see a havoc reversal in the field of political situation, to be opted by left parties.
  • The phase of arguing that we should take benefits and advantages from parliamentary system, and thereby we have to use advantages for preparing the field for a revolution, more surely, is now over.
  • Then we have to rethink and reset the total situation, philosophically, ideologically and politically. As we have seen in the past, what is philosophically celebrated and ideologically accepted has proved unfeasible politically; or philosophically and politically accepted but not compatible to ideology.
  • The party is, in the first phase, the political vanguard of exploited and struggling masses; thereby the vehicle for a revolution or of similar attempt in the second phase; and in the third, after achieving such a social and political change the party will act as the infrastructure of the people’s government.
  • The composition of classes, each and every class is disintegrating every, the word ‘proletariat’ which was meant only for industrial workers, some basic problems have been cropped up during the last three or four decades.


Three basic points of the 15th party congress

  • I will be the task of the party to deliver India from foreign yoke. It will be the task of the Party to create a new, independent and sovereign state in India.
  • The declaration vows for a (1) new, independent and sovereign India, (2) a socio-economic reconstruction, (3) new generation of men and women for the battle of life, (4) wage a relentless war against bondage of every kind of every kind till the people become free, (5) creating a free India on the basis of the principles of justice, equality and freedom. The destination remains unchanged.
  • The way for reaching the destination, as our Party repeatedly pronounced, is the way of Socialist Revolution, a complete change in the economic and political system of the country. It means a total change in production system.


Three basic questions of the 15th Party Congress

  • But revolution in which way? For a long time we have been clutched ourselves with the principle of ‘One step forward and two steps back.’
  • Bourgeoisie Parliamentary Democracy has got rottended as the days gone by. It can be renamed as Mosaic Democracy (as we have stated is as Election Democracy earlier) which is now clubbed with 4Cs i.e. casteism, communalism, corruption and criminalization of politics.
  • The touts and agents of mosaic democracy are getting power and support from imperialists. The vulture-paw of imperialism is getting more and more visible in all the spheres of administration.


Three basic Issues of the 15th Party Congress

  • In these circumstances we have to fight against imperialists very chiefly? We have to fight against their national agents, simultaneously.
  • To fight the imperialists and their Indian stooges the Party organization demands a definite and comprehensive programme-frame in all sector: peasants, workers, youth and students, women, unorganized labour, teachers and other intellectuals.
  • For all purposes Party needs a strong publicity division. The division includes publication of party organs and party literatures, release of video and audio components and other necessities with a comprehensive plan.


Four point task of the 15th Party Congress:

  • For life, first and foremost necessity is food and proper meal. It is the absolute source of sustenance, and only a secondary commodity for trade. The right to food is a fundamental right.For his livelihood, a man needs a work. Right to work or job, is a fundamental right.
  • Literacy is absolutely urgent one, just after food and clothing one’s health and shelter. But literacy does not mean education. Education is a process by which people of poor and backwards will be able to discover themselves, their position in the society, the exploitations rendered unto them, the structure of the society, the motive of a capitalist state etc.
  • Party will make a bridge with the mass through its organizations. In rural areas it will organize mass meetings. In urban and semi-urban areas it can provide seminars, workshop etc. But in all cases it needs a presentation, whether a print document, an audio or video.
  • Build up Forward Bloc As Visualized By Netaji:
Our party is a product of historical necessity. Netaji further said, ‘regarding the future career of the Forward Bloc we may confidently say that if it is product of historical necessity, it will not die. If it has a philosophical justification, it will surely endure. And if it serves the cause of India, of humanity and human progress. It will live and grow and no power on earth will ever destroy it. In recent years we have achieved a lot for developing a group of cadres the flag and banner of our party in scientific and systematic way.